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Summers in the Fort Wayne, IN area can be particularly uncomfortable, and the hot and humid weather tends to stay for long enough to make your life unbearable. Your AC needs to be efficient and powerful enough to combat the daily grind of the rising temperature, but no matter how good your AC system is, sooner or later, it is liable to fail. 

How can you tell if your home’s air conditioning system is of poor quality? Well, some signs will make it obvious. If you notice any of these problems with an AC in your house or apartment complex, then maybe it’s time for something new:

  • The unit makes odd noises when running  
  • You’ve seen dust building up around fan blades 
  • Urine smells like ammonia at times 
  • Plates start shaking during high temperatures 
  • It takes too long to cool down rooms 

These could all mean one thing – replace!

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Should you find your AC system exhibiting one or two of the above signs, it is a safe bet that you need a new cooling unit. If you are worried about the hassles and headaches of buying a new cooling system, feel free to contact us.

Once you have our state-of-the-art system, it will be hard to go back. We’ll save your money and time by not having any technicians on-site for your old equipment repairs! Plus, with an all-inclusive price that includes installation, there’s no reason at all why anyone would choose anything else when they could get more than their money’s worth out of us right away.

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Our professionals are waiting for your call if you are fed up with your inefficient cooling system. Our experienced and skilled team is at your disposal, night and day. Whether you need a new AC system installed or maintenance work for any cooling system emergency, our team is ready to make your home feel like home again.

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