Commercial HVAC Services in Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne, IN Commercial HVAC

Businesses in the Fort Wayne area trust Fire & Ice Heating / Cooling for high-quality commercial HVAC solutions. Our technicians are specially trained in commercial HVAC equipment and are committed to providing top-notch services to meet the needs of companies throughout the area.

From commercial HVAC installation and replacement to repair and maintenance, we provide complete commercial HVAC solutions that local Fort Wayne businesses can count on.

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Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial AC Repair

The Fort Wayne area summers bring scorching hot temperatures that can leave employees and customers heading for the door if your business doesn’t have a reliable AC unit in place.

Acting as soon as you notice any issues with your commercial cooling system can help you get the repair you need, when you need it. Issues that are not addressed promptly can escalate into more serious and expensive trouble.

Our commercial AC repair process begins with a thorough assessment of your system to determine what went wrong. We’ll discuss our findings with all relevant parties in your company to find a solution that makes the most sense for your commercial property.

Commercial AC Installation

Whether you’re replacing an existing unit or installing one in a recently constructed property, the experts at Fire & Ice can help. Taking the size, layout, and cooling needs of your property into account, we’ll provide a tailored solution that meets your cooling requirements.

At Fire & Ice Heating / Cooling, we understand that a well-designed and properly installed commercial AC system is essential for maintaining a comfortable and productive work environment. Our technicians are trained to handle the complexities of commercial installations, ensuring that your cooling system meets the unique demands of your business.

We offer commercial AC maintenance to customers in the Fort Wayne area to protect their investments and ensure they’re meeting comfort requirements.

Commercial AC Maintenance

Similar to residential HVAC units, commercial air conditioners should receive annual maintenance to keep them operating at peak performance levels. During a commercial air conditioning maintenance appointment, our team will thoroughly inspect your AC equipment to determine its current condition.

From there, we’ll begin making any necessary adjustments or minor repairs to keep serious and expensive issues from developing. We understand that

Commercial Heating

Commercial Heating Repair

Fort Wayne residents are familiar with the freezing-cold temperatures the area experiences throughout the winter. When the dropping temperatures cause your commercial property to crank up the heat, but all that comes out is lukewarm or cool air, call on Fire & Ice for reliable commercial heating repair services.

Our team of expert HVAC technicians understands the urgency of heating problems, especially during the cold winter months. We specialize in swift and effective commercial heating repair services to restore warmth to your business.

We know that any comfort issues from a broken-down furnace can impact your revenue and employee productivity, which is why we work quickly to provide high-quality repair solutions.

Commercial Heating Installation

A properly designed and installed heating system is crucial for the well-being of your commercial space. At Fire & Ice Heating / Cooling, we excel in delivering tailored commercial heating installation services in the Fort Wayne area. Our technicians conduct a thorough assessment of your business premises, considering factors such as size, layout, and specific heating requirements.

We offer a range of heating solutions, including furnaces, boilers, and radiant heating systems, ensuring energy efficiency and optimal performance.

Commercial Heating Maintenance

Have you provided your commercial heating system with its yearly tune-up yet? Annual system maintenance is crucial to ensure your heating equipment is ready for the many months of heating ahead.

During a maintenance appointment, we’ll perform tasks including cleaning and inspecting crucial components, adjusting settings for optimal efficiency, and identifying potential issues before they become major problems.

At Fire & Ice Heating / Cooling, we offer comprehensive commercial heating maintenance services to businesses in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. Protect your investment and everyone within your property with our commercial heating tune-up services in the Fort Wayne, IN area.

Packaged HVAC Units

Traditional commercial HVAC systems can be big and bulky, taking up plenty of space in your commercial property. A packaged HVAC system offers a comprehensive and space-efficient solution for businesses seeking both heating and cooling capabilities.

After a detailed assessment of your commercial property, our team will ensure the perfect placement of the packaged HVAC system, optimizing both performance and space utilization. Experience the benefits of a compact yet powerful HVAC solution tailored to your business needs.

Rooftop HVAC Units

Rooftop HVAC units offer a space-efficient solution to your company’s heating and cooling needs. Our team conducts a detailed assessment of your building to design and install rooftop units that meet the specific heating and cooling requirements of your commercial space. With a focus on efficiency and minimal disruption to your business, we ensure that rooftop HVAC units are seamlessly integrated and provide reliable performance.

We can repair, replace, install, and maintain rooftop units, so reach out to our team today for a complete line of services.

Choose Fire & Ice for Commercial HVAC Services in Fort Wayne, IN

As a leading provider of commercial services in the Fort Wayne area, Fire & Ice Heating / Cooling can keep your property’s HVAC equipment running well all year long. Whether you’re in need of a system repair, replacement, installation, or tune-up, our NATE-certified technicians are well-versed in commercial HVAC systems to provide knowledgeable solutions that you can count on.

Turn to Fire & Ice today to keep your employees and customers safe and comfortable while in your commercial building.